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Coating Thickness Gauge
Reliable and sturdy Coating Thickness Gauges are provided used for measuring dry film thickness. They ensure to create the perfect coatings of different products to be used in varied sectors.
Portable Hardness Tester
Compact and portable Hardness Testers are available with modern indication software calibration function for saving lots of readings with advanced features. They show accurate readings of different hardness tests.
Harness Testing Equipment
Evaluate the Harness of different metals and materials using these Hardness Testing Equipments! They are provided in durable designs with matchless features and  advanced software.
These Vernier Calipers are designed for measuring internal dimensions, external dimensions, steps and depth. They come with high accuracy of 0,02mm/0,001"
Gauges Stand
Hard-wearing Gauge Stands are provided for comparison measurements of sizes and hold measuring dials. They are provided in durable body with accurate dimensions to meet the different demands of the clients.

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